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Turin: la ville industrielle

Generally known as the Italian one company town, about twenty years ago Torino started a process of deep change, looking for a new urban identity.
With its huge transformation, the city standing at the foot of the Alps has become a laboratory-city for the reconversion of the post-industrial heritage. The directions of change are multiple and they are leaving important signs in its urban fabric. Besides its industrial history, Torino can surprise with its Baroque architecture, that has brought the city to the forefront of international popularity among architects, and with some masterpieces of the Italian modern architecture.

Architecture tours in Turin

We organize specialized tours both in Turin and the surrounding area with architecture and urbanism as a guideline to understand its social and cultural life. We usually organise bespoke tours. Our ready to book tours are:

ATT/1: Turin from Brownfields to Greenfields

ATT/2: Torino highlights

ATT/3: Pier Luigi Nervi tour (in 2024 the main buildings are under renovation and not accessible)

ATT/4: Carlo Mollino tour

ATT/5: Ivrea, the city of Olivetti

ATT/6: Architecture and wine

ATT/7: Alessandria, Borsalino and Gardella

We are Guiding Architects

We are two women architects, Cristiana Chiorino and Laura Milan, PhD in history of architecture, with experience in critics, communication and journalism of architecture. Our passion is to guide people around our city. In 2014 we have founded To(ur)arch, a member of Guiding Architects, the international network for high-quality architecture tours to discover the most significant buildings in the major European and worldwide cities. We have guided more than 400 international groups. In 2015 we have written with Giulietta Fassino and Michela Rosso the Turin Architectural Guide for DOM publishers, Berlin.