Guiding Architects Turin

ATT/3: Pier Luigi Nervi in Turin

Turin, after Rome, is the city that hosts the largest number of projects by the Roman builder engineer, Pier Luigi Nervi. From the Palazzo del Lavoro (1961, normally closed to the public and subject to a problematic project of transformation and recovery), the tour leads back to the discovery of the large, and well-known, ferrocement vault of Torino Esposizioni built in 1948 for the Turin Motor Show and its subsequent expansion in 1950 (this building cannot be visited on Saturday or Holidays), arriving to the tram Maintenance Garage of the Municipal Tramway (1954), designed and built by Nervi with his company. The tour, which provides entry to all the buildings, is framed in the context of the city’s and Italian’s history, and inside the international biography of this Italian designer.

Duration: 1/2 day

Displacements: public transports

Reservation: at least 1 week before 

Turin Exhibition Hall by Pier Luigi Nervi
Torino Esposizioni by Pier Luigi Nervi