Guiding Architects Turin

ATT/1: from Brownfields to Greenfields

With the Masterplan of Vittorio Gregotti (1995), Turin became the laboratory-city of reconstruction of post-industrial heritage. The directions of change are multiple, ongoing, and are leaving important signs in its urban fabric: the great north-south axe, upgrading the surrounding areas (the 4 “Spine” Backbones), the 2006 Winter Olympics and the celebrations of 150 years from Unification of Italy are just some elements of this season of great change. This itinerary goes through the most significant places of the new Turin. Starting from the complex of Lingotto with the Pinacoteca Gianni and Marella Agnelli (Renzo Piano, 2002), here the city’s industrial past is linked back to the future: the recovery of the former Carpano with the first national headquarters of Eataly (Negozio Blu, 2007), and, going south, the newly renovated National Automobile Museum (Cino Zucchi, 2011). Crossing the railway lines we reach the main Olympic projects (2006): the Sports Hall (Arata Isozaki), the international area at the former General Markets (Camerana & Partners, Steidle, Diener & Diener), the Arc (Hugh Dutton Associés) and the Oval (Hok). Passing the boulevard of Spina Centrale (Vittorio Gregotti, 2001), we arrive at the transforming areas in the city center, with the Ogr, the halls for the maintenance of trains recently transformed into a cultural center for performing art, the High Speed station of Porta Susa (Arep and Silvio D’Ascia, 2012) and the Intesa San Paolo skyscraper (Renzo Piano, 2016).  Then we proceed following the Central Backbone (“Spina Centrale”) and we reach the biggest area of transformation in Turin, 1.000.000 sqm of former industrial areas in the north, Park Dora (Latz+Partner, 2011) and its surroundings (the Church of the Holy Face by Mario Botta, 2006, and the Environment Park by Emilio Ambasz, 2005). The tour ends towards the city center via the new Lavazza headquarters by Cino Zucchi (2017), the cinema’s studios Cineporto (Baietto, Battiato, Bianco, 2008) and the new buildings of the Faculties of Political Science and Law (Foster & partners, Maire Engineering, Camerana & Partners, 2012).

Duration1 day  (The tour can be shorten in 1/2 day concentrating on LingottoOgr and Intesa San Paolo, Porta Susa and Parco Dora)

Displacements: Private bus or public transports

Reservation: ready to book tour

Parco Dora by Peter Latz
Campus Luigi Einaudi