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ACC_Cristiana Catino & Negozio Blu | Green Pea-Turin | 2020

ACC Cristiana Catino and Negozio Blu Architetti (Ambrosini, Gatti, Grometto), former designers of the first Eataly in Turin, conceived a symbolic architecture to give shape to the strategic vision of Green Pea: a highly sustainable building, a manifesto built with new technologies and natural materials to convey to users, through architecture, the idea of ​​respect for the environment and harmony with nature. The exterior is characterized by a shell of wooden sunshade slats, supported by a steel rib, a technical “treillage” which constitutes a filter between the functions distributed on the different floors and the environment. The lamellas, thermo-treated for external use, come from the forests destroyed by the flood of the Veneto. Designed to be disassembled and recyclable, Green Pea is mainly dry mounted, to allow the recycling of materials and components in the long term and consequently the extension of the life cycle. Vegetation is inserted through the organic texture of the facades and becomes a real building block of architecture. Italian flora and native plants have been selected to suit the climate and microclimate of the different facades. The sequence of welcoming and flexible interiors culminates in the entertainment space of the large equipped roof garden, permeated by bioclimatic greenhouses. The building thus appears as a natural organism, which breathes and lets you breathe, protects from the sun, vibrates according to the light and the growth of the vegetation. To minimize its carbon footprint, Green Pea is powered by renewable energy sources: geothermal wells, photovoltaic and solar panels, mini wind turbines and floors for kinetic energy recovery.

Pictures by Fabio Oggero

Client: ACC Naturale Architettura & Negozio Blu

Period: November 2020 -June 2021

What we did: Press Office, Photographic survey, social media management 


Press review:




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Archicura | Michele and Pietro Ferrero Hospital-Alba | 2020

In Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe and Roero in the North West of Italy this new hospital does not make you think about illness. The “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” hospital in Verduno (Cuneo) at the center of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe and Roero, is fully operational since July 19th this year. The new health complex, which combines the two poles of Alba and Bra, was designed by an international team composed by Aymeric Zublena from Scau Architecture (Group Leader, Paris) Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana from Archicura (Turin) and Ugo Camerino (Venice), winner of the tender in 1998.

The Verduno hospital is the result of the great season of competitions for new Italian hospitals at the beginning of the 2000s, which revolutionized the design approach bringing the patient to the fore, with a view to humanization.
The design process was therefore fully based on attention to people and their needs. Spaces and paths have been conceived as safe, welcoming and domestic places, with pleasant finishes, natural light and surrounded by greenery of the surrounding landscape. The backbone of the project is the “medical gallery”, a glazed space that distributes light and flows to the complex set on a horizontal core plate developed around large gardens and patios. Natural light and vegetation penetrate the heart of the hospital, enhancing the internal-external relationship. 
The complex is equipped with the most advanced technologies has reached the energy class A+.
The story with picture by Barbara Corsico was published: 

Client: Archicura

Period: September-October 2020

What we did: Press Office

Urban Lab & Phos | Suspended city | 2020

The photographies by Fabio Oggero taken during the lockdown propose an unprecedented documentary work of Turin’s urban space and a rethinking of its relationship with time: an “emptied” space and a “suspended” time. The total and widespread absence of the lockdown is not mere emptiness, but allows to build a new urban story, an almost cathartic vision in which the apparent absence of life, of people and of their movement gives Turin back to its purest sets, without distractions, background noises or distortions. The result is a portrait it without judgment, which asks questions without giving answers.

Una mostra fotografica che attraverso gli scatti di Fabio Oggero racconta, per un progetto di Urban Lab in collaborazione con Centro di Fotografia Phos , la città sospesa nei quasi due, lunghissimi, mesi di lockdown.
Un’occasione inedita per rileggere i luoghi che hanno maggiormente costruito l’identità di Torino.

Le fotografie di Fabio Oggero scattate durante il lockdown propongono un lavoro di documentazione inedito dello spazio urbano torinese e un ripensamento del suo rapporto con il tempo: uno spazio “svuotato” e un tempo “sospeso”. L’assenza così totale e diffusa del lockdown non è mero vuoto, ma consente di costruire un nuovo racconto urbano, una visione quasi catartica in cui l’assenza apparente della vita, delle persone e del loro movimento restituisce Torino nelle sue scenografie più pure, senza distrazioni, rumori di fondo o distorsioni. Il risultato è un ritratto privo di giudizio, che pone domande senza dare risposte.

Festival Utopian Hours | Torinostratosferica | 2018-2019

Since October 2018 we follow for Torinostratosferica the Press Office of Utopian Hours festival the first festival on city making and city imaging in Italy. The aim of the festival was to show the enormous potential of the city of Turin, through the comparison with a series of successful cases selected in the world scene, which will be told by the protagonists who generated these urban changes.

Unique in the Italian scene, the festival of Torinostratosferica Utopian Hours has enriched the collective experiment of urban imagination (city imaging) started in 2014 by the non-profit Torino Stratosferica cultural association led by Luca Ballarini. Torino Stratosferica is an innovative project of city imaging that brings forward visually based narrative and powerful imagery to highlight the potential of the city and leverage its positioning.

The festival was organized in the context of Turin Design of the City, a week of meetings, exhibitions and workshops dedicated to design.

Press review of the 2019 edition

Consulta Regionale Lombarda degli Ordini degli Architetti | Communication Officers | 2018-ongoing

Since November 2018 we are the new Communication manager for Consulta regionale lombarda degli Ordini degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori (Lombardy Regional Council of the Architects’ Planners and Landscaping Planners). We take care of the website, the newsletters and the Press Releases reporting on the activities of Consulta. We resulted winners among 5 other teams, of the call launched in July 2018 to find the new communication manager.

The Lombardy Regional Council of the Architects’ Planners and Landscaping Planners is a non-profit association established among the Order of Architects of the Provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Lecco, Mantua, Milan, Monza and Brianza. Pavia and Sondrio.
The history of the Consulta began in 1984, when the AL Association (Lombard Architects) was officially established. In 1995, it changed its Statute and its name into the Lombardy Regional Council of the Architects’ Orders, and then, in 2007, the current name. The aims of the association are to represent and coordinate the Lombard Orders of Architects in the areas of over-provincial competence, primarily at the regional level protect and promote the architect’s profession and carry out and manage common information and training services for the Orders, with reference to the current legislation governing the Professional Associations.

Client: Consulta regionale lombarda degli Ordini degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori

Period: November 2018-November 2019

Peter Jaeger Architetti| Palazzo della Luce-Turin | 2018

In the heart of Turin Roman quarter this 21.000 sqm mixed adaptive reuse breathes new life into a listed early XX century neobaroque architectural heritage of belle époque taste. The project expresses a new concept of living in the city, the “Living Supreme” patented brand. Elegant urban villas, each of them equipped with roof gardens and other facilities, where space flows freely from interior to exterior, and the garden architecture boosts the overall standing of the property with an unobstructed view of the city, up to the mountains.

Press review: Villegiardini

The Plan

Client: Peter Jaeger Architetti

What we did: press office (Laura Milan and Cristiana Chiorino) and photographic survey (Fabio Oggero)

When: 2018

City of Bergamo | European Competition Piacentiniano Centre | 2016

The winning project by Arch. Luigino Pirola (group leader), Arch. Maria Claudia Peretti, Arch. Simone Zenoni, Eng. Carlo Peretti, Arch. Gianluca Gelmini and Arch. Elena Franchioni

From March 2017 to March 2018 we have been responsible of the Press Office of the European Urban Design Competition “Concorso Bergamo Centro Piacentiniano”, aiming to give new life to one of the central areas of the Lower Town of Bergamo (IT). Launched by the City of Bergamo in May 2017, the European two phases competition challenged Italian and International designing teams to submit masterplan proposals for the redevelopment of the Piacentiniano Centre and its uses through the overhaul of open areas, squares and public spaces. It asked for proposals that would strengthen and renovate its role as the identity generator of the city centre, improve its livability and re-use the discarded public and private buildings.

The site was designed in the early thirties by the architect Marcello Piacentini and the engineer Giuseppe Quaroni, who, with the proposal “Panorama”, won a competition promoted in 1907 to transform the former area of the Fair. The project gave birth to a service centre for the commercial, political, administrative, financial and judicial activities of the city. It is set on an rigid orthogonal plant and redefined the buildings on the “Sentierone”. Many important local and national architects including Giovanni Muzio, Sandro Angelini, Ernesto Suardo and the same Piacentini signed the projects of buildings such as Headquarters of the Banca d’Italia and the Chamber of Commerce, the Bergamo Bank and the Palace of Justice.


Press Review

Client: City of Bergamo

Year: March 2017- March 2018

011 ARCHITECTURE WEEK | Association Zeroundici |2014

OII + ARCHITECTURE WEEK is a program of cultural activities devoted to urban and architectural design organised in Turin from September 27 to October 5, 2014.
Two has been the main activities of the OII + ARCHITECTURE WEEK. A one-week design workshop – MOLZILLA! – for the production of proposals for the reuse and exploitation of underused areas surrounding the Mole Antonelliana and a two-day conference – Italian Theories – during which some of the most important Italian architects of the last few years will present their own research paths .
Other initiatives that will take place during the OII + ARCHITECTURE WEEK will be: a cycle of 4 conferences distributed over two days – Open Lectures – during which the tutors of the MOLZILLA workshop! Will present their design paths; A two-day seminar – Architectural Theories of Italy 1948-1984 – which will outline the main architectural theories developed in Italy in the post-war period; a round table – After the Bubble – during which will be discussed possible urban transformation strategies based on the reuse of the existing; and the critical presentation of the History of Italian Architecture 1985-2015 (Einaudi, 2013).

Guests Alessandro Armando | Politecnico di Torino; Andrea Tomasi | StudioErrante Architetture; Andrea Zanderigo | baukuh; Bart Lootsma | Innsbruck University; Beniamino ServinoCarmelo Baglivo | IaN+; Emanuela GiudiceEnrico Molteni | Liverani/Molteni; Giacomo Borella | Studio Albori; Giovanni Benedetti;Giovanni Corbellini | Università degli Studi di Trieste; Gustavo Ambrosini | Negozio Blu; Konrad Buhagiar | Architecture Project; Laura Zampieri | czstudio associati;Luca Gibello | Il Giornale dell’Architettura; Lucia TozziMarco Navarra | NOWA;Marco Trisciuoglio | Politecnico di Torino; Michele Bonino | MARC; Nicolas Maruri| amann-cánovas-maruri; Paola Gatti | Negozio Blu; Paolo Borghino | StudioErrante Architetture; Paolo Ceccon | czstudio associati; Pier Vittorio Aureli | Dogma; Pietro Valle | Valle Architetti Associati; Raimondo GuidacciSarah Becchio | StudioErrante Architetture; Silvia Micheli | The University of Queensland; Simone Sfriso | TAMassociati; Stefano Pujatti | ELASTICOSPA; Subhash Mukerjee | MARC; Valerio Paolo Mosco | IUAV;  Wouter Vanstiphout | Crimson Architectural Historians

Period: September-October 2014
What we did: Press office