In Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe and Roero in the North West of Italy this new hospital does not make you think about illness. The “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” hospital in Verduno (Cuneo) at the center of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe and Roero, is fully operational since July 19th this year. The new health complex, which combines the two poles of Alba and Bra, was designed by an international team composed by Aymeric Zublena from Scau Architecture (Group Leader, Paris) Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana from Archicura (Turin) and Ugo Camerino (Venice), winner of the tender in 1998.

The Verduno hospital is the result of the great season of competitions for new Italian hospitals at the beginning of the 2000s, which revolutionized the design approach bringing the patient to the fore, with a view to humanization.
The design process was therefore fully based on attention to people and their needs. Spaces and paths have been conceived as safe, welcoming and domestic places, with pleasant finishes, natural light and surrounded by greenery of the surrounding landscape. The backbone of the project is the “medical gallery”, a glazed space that distributes light and flows to the complex set on a horizontal core plate developed around large gardens and patios. Natural light and vegetation penetrate the heart of the hospital, enhancing the internal-external relationship. 
The complex is equipped with the most advanced technologies has reached the energy class A+.
The story with picture by Barbara Corsico was published: 

Client: Archicura

Period: September-October 2020

What we did: Press Office