Laura Milan was invited to write two articles for Domus Innovation Issue March 2017 . Domus Innovation Issue is a survey of the major changes taking place in the fields of architecture and design curated by Carlo Ratti, an Italian architect and director of the Senseable City Laboratory of the Mit of Boston.

The first article was on the vaults and compression-based structures by ODB Engineering, a partnership with roots in Boston and investigators in three countries, each developing a specific aspect. Combined with the study of building materials, the aim is to create efficient, flexible systems that cost less and are suitable for different environments.

The second article was on the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT directed by Daniela Rus, which main objective in robotics research is to augment the actions and activities that robots can conduct by collaborating and self-reconfiguring, poised to play an important role in emergencies, and improve the quality of daily life.

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Client: Domus

Year: March, 2017