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15th Venice Architecture Biennale Report | Il Giornale dell’Architettura | 2016

Directly from the opening of the 15.Venice Biennale, the live of ilgiornaledellarchitettura.com completely dedicated to the “front” of Alejandro Aravena.

Laura Milan was in Venice part of the editorial board of the Live edition together with 20 reporters and a a troupe of specialised video makers: videos, interviews, opinions and photogalleries have talked about “Reporting from the Front”, the national pavillions and the collateral events.



Guide to Venice Architecture Biennale | Allemandi Editore | 2016

Laura Milan curated the Guide to the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale published by Umberto Allemandi.

All the venues, the complete list of participants, commissioners, curators and the collateral events of the edition directed by Alejandro Aravena.


Read the Guide


Il Giornale dell’Architettura | Padiglione Italia Venice Architecture Biennale | 2016

Laura Milan and Marco Adriano Perletti comment in a video the Italian Pavillion in the 15.Venice Biennale for the special focus published by ilgiornaledellarchitettura.com.

“Taking care – Progettare per il bene comune” is curated by TAMassociati and presents a selection of examples and strategies for the realization of the “common good” through 3 sections displayed in the national pavillion in the Venice Arsenale.