In October 2018 we have followed for Torinostratosferica the Press Office of Utopian Hours festival (19th to 21st October 2018), the first festival on city making and city imaging in Italy. The aim of the festival was to show the enormous potential of the city of Turin, through the comparison with a series of successful cases selected in the world scene, which will be told by the protagonists who generated these urban changes.

Unique in the Italian scene, the festival of Torinostratosferica Utopian Hours has enriched the collective experiment of urban imagination (city imaging) started in 2014 by the non-profit Torinostratosferica cultural association led by Luca Ballarini, who has collected more than 200 contributions to date. representatives of the local creative industry.

On the stage of the Q35, an interesting former industrial space regenerated in the new creative district of Torino Nord, were invited to speak the protagonists of urban change from all over Europe and the United States: 30 guests from various cities in the world – New York, Detroit, Boston, Arcosanti, Copenhagen , Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, London, Oslo, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Prague – with the ambitious goal of stimulating innovative actions in the design of our city.

Among the highlights, the presence of international speakers such as Mikael Colville-Andersen, cycling guru and face of the TV series The Life-Sized City and Martin Barry, urban thinker and protagonist with innovative projects in the center of Prague. From the United States came Aaron Foley, writer and a year and a half first official Chief Storyteller who gives voice to Detroit, a city in many ways twin of Turin, and Jeff Stein, director of Arcosanti, the utopian city built in Arizona by the Turin architect Paolo Soleri. Attention also to the experiences of urban regeneration along rivers and waterfront through the lucky examples of Oslo and Helsinki.

The festival was organized in the context of Turin Design of the City, a week of meetings, exhibitions and workshops dedicated to design.

Video report of the festival.